What is iSecureData Service

iSecureData SaaS aims to fulfill two ever-growing needs in the ISMS (Information Security Management System) domain: Organizational Security (as an internal standard) and implementing ISMS universal standards to obtain related licenses (as exterior standards). Virtually both needs are met through the same system. But to efficiently meet the latter need, in addition to ISMS knowledge and experience, a firm understanding of regulations, licenses and their requirements are needed. iSecureData SaaS will help organization to take steps for ISMS implementation using its online AI-powered software.

The software will assess the fundamental variables for each firm and then, through a step-by-step process, provide the firm with the necessary data and actions in order to implement and document the procedure.

While big enterprises have interior sections devoted to cybersecurity which conducts and supervises ISMS implementation and maintenance, SMEs provide their need either by hiring an expert or outsourcing the matter. In both cases, the cost is considerable, and the managers are usually unsettled about the quality of the service they receive or the prospect of its maintenance. iSecureData plans to change all this.

iSecureData is an information security SaaS (Software as a Service) company. It makes the ISMS implementing and maintenance process efficient, comfortable, easy and affordable – the perfect package for SMEs. The typical method of implementing an ISMS contains three main parts: (1) gathering the related information and reports from the organization, (2) issuing the necessary adjustments (providing the action plan), and (3) supervising the implementation of the action plan and subsequent documentation.

The conventional procedure of implementation through a consultant takes many person-hours to progress. At times it will turn into a confusing process, involving different parts of a business to cooperate with many backs and forths. The more time the procedure takes, the more the company must pay. The high costs of ISMS consultants tempts managers to either look for inexperienced (but more affordable) experts and be unsettled, or go for more expensive options and feel the stress of the clock clicking.

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