iSecureData SaaS Technology and Benefits

Software as a service (SaaS) is a licensing and delivery model. The software is centrally hosted and provided on a subscription basis. Providing the necessary education and step-by-step guidance through all stages of ISMS implementation by online software is what iSecureData Co. offers to its clients. It highly decreases the human resource needed for ISMS implementation, hence reducing the total expense and human errors. And it does such with the assurance that the ISMS implementation is proceeding with the utmost professionality. iSecureData SaaS is based on a systematic approach, which is the product of accumulated knowledge and years of experience of Mr. Sajjadieh.

Web-based software has various advantages over other models, which fall in line with our businesses’ dynamic. Using SaaS will decrease the cost of ISMS implementation in different ways. There is no need to increasing spending on hardware, or to spend on physical production and delivery. Each business will only need to pay one subscription fee and be able to access the software from different computers (improved accessibility). SaaS will free its users from the dread and time needed to configure and install an application and will give all relevant members of the organization direct and easy access to the most up to date protocol through their browsers.

In the ISMS domain, inevitably, new regulations and standards will be introduced every once in a while. Using traditional software for this situation will not be the best option for business which prefer to have the most up-to-date and newest version continually. SaaS, on the other hand, can easily upgrade. SaaS enables a rapid scaling for the business both because of its nature (web-based), and its affordability. Due to this benefit, maintenance costs are reduced as well, since it is split among all customers that use that solution. Providing the service over the web will also open the market for the business to any firm across the globe.

iSecureData software contains general educational content, and efficient procedures for information gathering, reporting, and providing action plans and solutions. Thus, SMEs’ managers can appoint one or a few of their current staff to use the iSecureData SaaS system. Keep in mind that since the software is web-based, it can be accessed from every device that the employees find convenient. Therefore, employees can collaborate and take over the implementation process easily from various locations in the organization.

iSecureData is developing the use of AI to break all assumptions of what software can offer for ISMS implementation. The software will use pattern learning and “recommendation System” technology to find similar problems that clients face and to identify the best solution. This technology was a subject of Mr. Sajjadieh’s scientific research where he has published a scientific paper titled ‘A Hybrid Framework for a Personalized Document Filtering System’. He has conducted lectures regarding his paper in European scientific conferences and has further developed the concept and customized it to his iSecureData software.

In the development of the current software, Mr. Sajjadieh has used his extensive background in ISMS implementation with the clients of his firm to ensure the software encompasses a wide range of organizations and firms. The software has then been simultaneously tested next to conventional consultants in providing a guideline for ISMS implementation. And finally, the software is currently being used in the testing phase for a select number of firms. The feedback is being incorporated into the final stages of development to ensure the software will be robust during its initial launch.

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