iSecureData Process and Steps

Through the main website, customers will be able to login to their portal and access the software.  Generally, iSecureData will provide two primary benefits to its customers:

  1. Education: specific knowledge and explanations regarding ISMS protocols needed by businesses and their employees to go through every step of the software and understand the core concepts involved.
  1. ISMS Implementation: step-by-step procedures that will be customized to each individual firm using the AI and software algorithm to enable them to implement ISMS into their organization along with comprehensive documentation needed during each step for certification/audit purposes.

The business’s website will provide a wide range of content regarding ISMS and its relevant standards and regulations. While a considerable portion of the content will be free and accessible to all without a subscription, the members will receive exclusive and directly related content that will help them to understand, educate employees, and implement the ISMS protocols.

Once an organization signs up for the service, iSecureData will gather relevant information regarding the organization through a series of intelligent questions. The questions will be simple but will aim to the heart of the organization’s information security status. The answer to each question will determine the next questions which will need to be asked, and hence, the series of questions will differ for each organization depending on factors such as the size, the number of employees, IT infrastructure, product/services offered, business model, etc. The questions will be analyzed by the algorithm and reveal the organization’s information security risks. iSecureData is based on ISO/IEC 27001 standard since it is the dominant license in ISMS and its implementation and certification is the goal for many firms interested in ISMS. That being said, in the near future, other variations will be added to the software so that it incorporates other standards and, most importantly, government regulations that are put into place.

Based on the extracted and organized information and related standards and best practices the software will propose necessary managerial, systematic, and technical tasks and solutions to mitigate these risks, called the action plan. This stage is where the business shines. It is based on years of knowledge and experience and in terms of the software it will use the AI technology by Mr. Sajjadieh to create a multi level plan unique to the organization.

The last phase is the monitoring and tracking ability of the software. After assigning the tasks to designated staffs, the software will receive updates on the tasks in progress. The updates will allow managers to track the progress and have reports on the ISMS status. If the organization would like to seek or maintain its ISO/IEC 27001 certification, the software reports will be adequate for ISO auditors.

The action plan acquires the clients to meet a range of different tasks from hardware Infrastructure to in placing procedures. iSecureData will clarify what is needed for the completion of each step and provide introductory and educational material to employees not fully familiar with the concepts. If the firm requires the assistance of a technical expert for the mentioned step, one can be provided through the ‘iSecureData partnership’ program discussed further down in the business plan. Once the firm has implemented each step, they will fill out the required information and attach the necessary proof for documentation and move on to the next stage. Since an ISMS approach is multi-layered and will need continuous monitoring and updates, the software will keep track of ever aspect for the business and create reminders for revisions and checks. It will also ask for updates on different aspects of the ISMS system. This is crucial especially for firms that have finished implementing the systems, since ISMS protocols do not fall under the ‘set it and forget it’ protocols businesses are familiar with such as obtaining a business license. In reality, businesses and organizations will need to continuously monitor and document the monitoring process in order to fulfil the ISMS protocols. iSecureDate will take care of pointing out the updates and revisions needed by the business. It will also generate a report based on the activities of the business which can be provided to auditors for certification.

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