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Meysam K.

“The ISMS implementation was really quick. That got the attention of our leadership team.”

Komail B.

"iSecureData is very much our preferred strategic solution to implement ISMS. It’s a lot simpler to use out of the box, and simpler to manage from a central team perspective than a lot of the other tools that we might use".

Mohammad Kh.

" Having all the ISMS data in a single place helps us to achieve a high and consistent level of Information Security management satisfaction...We can collaborate better, and we have the visibility to see and report on everything especially security plans implementation."


About Us

iSecureData startup has been founded by a diverse team comprising of four experienced professionals: Mr. Alireza Sajjadieh, Mrs Sanaz Soghrati, Mr. Mohammadtaghi Montazerian, and Mr. Mousa Namavar. The company's main founder, Mr. Alireza Sajjadieh, has used his background of over 17 years in the ISMS implementation and developed the first prototype, which is currently undergoing beta testing with select firms. Mr. Sajjadieh has a BS and Master's degree in Computer Engineering and has used his experience as the CEO of Pardazeshgaran Co., an ISMS implementation firm, to develop the necessary software which will allow SME's to be able to implement ISMS protocols through a simple and step by step procedure. This business plan would like to expand on the business concept and illustrate how the business intends to grow and gain market share in Canada and, subsequently, markets abroad.

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Alireza Sajjadieh
Alireza Sajjadieh
coFounder & CEO
Sanaz Soghrati
Sanaz Soghrati
coFounder & UI/UX Manager
Mohammadtaghi Montazerian
Mohammadtaghi Montazerian
coFounder & Head of Software Development
Mousa Namavar
Mousa Namavar
coFounder & Head of Marketing and CRM

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iSecureData Partnership Program

The iSecureData system will provide a customized and complete overview of the steps needed to implement the ISMS for businesses and organization. For each step, the system will provide the necessary information and education so that the businesses can implement the step and use the software to document the procedure.  However, in some cases businesses will need or prefer outside help for the completion of tasks. This mainly occurs on tasks involving the set up and maintenances of hardware or certain network/database procedures. iSecureData, like traditional ISMS experts and consultants, supervised the implementation and documentation of the action plans and does not directly provide IT services to companies.

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iSecureData Process and Steps

Through the main website, customers will be able to login to their portal and access the software.  Generally, iSecureData will provide two primary benefits to its customers:

  1. Education: specific knowledge and explanations regarding ISMS protocols needed by businesses and their employees to go through every step of the software and understand the core concepts involved.

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iSecureData SaaS Technology and Benefits

Software as a service (SaaS) is a licensing and delivery model. The software is centrally hosted and provided on a subscription basis. Providing the necessary education and step-by-step guidance through all stages of ISMS implementation by online software is what iSecureData Co. offers to its clients. It highly decreases the human resource needed for ISMS implementation, hence reducing the total expense and human errors. And it does such with the assurance that the ISMS implementation is proceeding with the utmost professionality. iSecureData SaaS is based on a systematic approach, which is the product of accumulated knowledge and years of experience of Mr. Sajjadieh.

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